05.12.2014 A lesson in courage in a school of Makeevka [EoT TV DPR]

A lesson in courage in one of the schools of Donetsk People’s Republic

This video is about so-called “lesson in courage” in one of the schools in Donbass. The general idea of the “lessons in courage”, a long-lasting tradition, is to remind pupils about the war against fascism in the XX century and to explain them what fascism is about. The modern-day lessons in courage in Donetsk People’s Republic also cover the topic that is beyond all common sense for any person who sees what is happening in Ukraine: Ukrainian ultra-nationalism in XXI century Europe and its consequences for Donbass and all of Ukraine.

The teacher for the lesson is a militiaman, call sign “Stalker”, “Vostok” brigade. He talked to eleventh grade students about life, war, and the safety measures they have to adhere to in the time of war. In his introduction, the militiaman congratulated the pupils with having a great historic chance to fight against fascism and ultranationalist as the grandparents of these pupils had done in the middle of the XX century and with being alive.

The militiaman said that in peaceful life he was an entrepreneur, but after seeing a body of a child torn apart in Donetsk he gave himself a word to avenge the children murdered by Ukrainian fascists and to defend his country against the fascists that took over the power in Ukraine. The militiaman said very important words to the pupils: “We are not separatists; we stand for a united Ukraine… For the Ukraine that we are building now. For the united Ukraine without fascists, without the junta”.

The militiaman also asked pupils to raise their hands if any of them had seen Russians military forces or any Russians that terrorized the people of Donetsk. However, no one of pupils raised a hand, because it was clear for them that the Russian army had never entered Donbass.

At the end of the lesson the militiaman also explained the required safety measures for the war period to the pupils: to avoid walking in forests, because Ukrainian soldiers had left a lot of tripwires and landmines, and to be careful near civilians objects such as schools and electricity stations, because Ukrainian army chooses such buildings as targets of shelling from the very start and to the present day.