04.02.2015 Donetsk hospital got shelled by the Ukrainian junta [EoT TV DPR]

On February 4, 2015 one of Donetsk hospitals got shelled by the Ukrainian junta. Several people were killed and many of hospital patients and the staff were injured and wounded by the shelling.

During the filming of this report the Tekstilshiki district of Donetsk where the hospital is located got shelled ONCE AGAIN: scared people ran back to the bombed-out hospital to hide from the new shelling.

One of the witnesses from the video reported that there was a lot of blood in the hospital, especially at the top floors. Another witness was a mother whose son was killed by this shelling: they ran at two different directions after the first bomb exploded: the son got hit by the explosion and his mother survived.

It is hard to believe that this happens right now, in the XXI century, in Europe.

Donetsk civilians from this report clearly expressed their opinion about the Kiev government: “They bomb. They just murder living people. For nothing. They are fascists, they are not authorities. It is fascism.”

Later that day the mayor’s office of Donetsk reported that ELEVEN educational facilities in Tekstilshiki district got damaged in the Kiev junta’s shellings: five schools, one high school and five kindergartens.