01.02.2015 School № 13 in Donetsk got shelled [EoT TV DPR, 342nd issue]

Every day the Ukrainian military forces of Kiev Junta destroy civilian buildings in Donbass. On February 1, 2015, school № 13 in Donetsk was shelled. Luckily, since it was Sunday, no pupils got hurt. However, it is not the first such case.

The destruction of schools in Donetsk has become systematic a long time ago: overall more than 350 educational institutions (kindergartens and schools) have already been damaged and partly (or completely) destroyed by shelling of Kiev junta.

In the video, the Minister of Science and Education of Donets People’s Republic, Igor Kostenok, explains that the education and healthcare systems of Donetsk suffered the most because of bombing. Nevertheless, the Minister assure that the educational process in Donetsk People’s Republic is organized and maintained at the high level and that the children receive all required education.