Essence of Time unit on the Monastery position, Donetsk, the Airport [EoT TV DPR, 329th issue]

An independent “Essence of Time” task force, a part of the “Vostok” brigade, relieved the “Sparta” unit fighters in the “Monastery” position in the Donetsk airport in the course of a planned rotation on November 17, 2014.

For two months the “Essence of Time” unit countered the Ukrainian punitive forces’ tank breakthrough attempts towards the new terminal, suppressed enemy firing positions on the control tower and the new terminal, conducted reconnaissance operations, participated in the control tower termination operation.

In the days the Donbass militia stormed the airport, “Essence of Time” assisted the assault troops with covering fire, countered the attack on the “Monastery” position undertaken from the control tower and the runway.

On January 17, 2015, the “Monastery” position came under an hours-long attack by foreign mercenaries and “Right Sector” militants incorporated into the 93-d mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian military forces. They were supported by tanks and artillery.

The “Essence of Time” unit engaged the enemy.

“Essence of Time” had 3 men killed and 14 wounded in that fight, but the unit held its position.

Ukrainian POWs had later admitted that among Ukrainian assaulters, who had attacked the “Monastery” position, only three had survived.