Treaty of Friendship with Russia hinders the Banderite regime in Kiev

07.12.2018, Kiev.

The members of the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parliament) have denounced the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. 277 Rada members voted for its denunciation, Ukrinform reported on December 6.

This is how Experimental Creative Center expert Yury Bardakhchiev commented this sorrowful event for the two fraternal peoples. He believes that the denunciation of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Russia by the Ukrainian side only legitimates de jure the established de facto state of affairs.

 “We have stopped being friends and partners with modern Ukraine long ago, although we still have some trade and economic relations between our countries. Well, these relations, even if minimal, can be preserved for a long time, simply because trade contacts that have formed over decades cannot instantly be broken. In fact, both sides are not interested in this,” the analyst noted.

Unfortunately, this matter cannot be reduced to economic relations alone, the expert continued, because the broken Treaty protected completely different kinds of relations: family relations between the peoples, connections to our common historical past, cultural and human connections. According to the expert, it is the Banderite regime ruling in Kiev today that finds these bonds to be unnecessary.

 “It is breaking them, because hundreds of thousands, if not millions of connections between families and friends, Ukrainians and Russians, are dangerous to its life-denying existence. Also, this is what the West orders them to do, seeking to turn Ukraine into Russia’s bitter enemy. Unfortunately, this is the way it is, and it will only become worse as long as the Banderite oligarchic authorities remain in power in Kiev,” Bardakhchiev concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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