100th anniversary of bloody US intervention in Russia

18.08.2018, Washington.

The Russian Embassy to the United States recalled the 100th anniversary of the US invasion of Soviet Russia, the Embassy’s Facebook page reported on August 16.

One hundred years ago the US Department of State cut off diplomatic relations with Russia; immediately after that, a US corps of eight thousand servicemen disembarked in Vladivostok. Our “western partners” began a full-scale intervention in Soviet Russia. Previously, the USA, France, and the UK (the Entente) divided among themselves the world’s largest country, the former Russian Empire. The invaders mostly relied on the White Movement, with which they established relations long before the invasion.

The Americans’ goals were to seize resources and to prevent Japan from gaining a foothold in the Russian Far East. The moment of the invasion was chosen for a reason: Russia was engulfed in the Civil War. The Americans did not expect any resistance, because they believed that, given the severity of the situation, the nation had ceased to exist. As a formal reason for the invasion, they used the withdrawal of the White Czechs from Russia.

The Americans exported huge amounts of values including gold, furs, and timber out of Russia. Documents of the Far East Historic Archive depict massacres committed by the US corps. They tortured, tormented, and killed supporters of the Soviet power.

According to historian Fyodor Nesterov, “wherever the ‘liberators of Russia’ who came from overseas could reach with their bayonet, they stabbed Soviet supporters, slashed them, shot them in groups, hanged them, drowned them in the Amur river, took them away to be tortured in ‘death trains’, and starved them in concentration camps.”

According to historians, it was the intervention and the White Czechs that triggered the Civil War. Historians believe that the Civil War would have ended much sooner and with less tragic consequences had the external forces not interfered.

So far, the USA and most European countries has not bothered even to offer their apologies, much less to repent, for their war crimes during the Civil War in Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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