Refugees return to cities in Syrian province of Homs

05.08.2018, the Homs province.

Refugees continue returning to cities liberated from the terrorists in the Syrian province of Homs, Interfax-ABN reports on August 4.

According to Khaled Vadia, the member of the Tel-Bisa town council, since the town was liberated by the government forces its population has more than doubled. “Three months ago our town (Tel-Bisa) was liberated. During the occupation, 5 000 families lived here, now there is 12 000. So, 7 000 families have already returned to their homes, said Vadia. He noted that the town lacked electricity and water during the time of hostilities. However, the Government makes every effort in order to improve living conditions: the waterworks have already been restored, the electric grid is in the process of reconstruction.

The town of Al-Rastan is experiencing a similar situation with almost 1500 Syrians returning in the course of three months. However, the town has plenty of problems, approximately 70% of houses were destroyed during the war. The central authorities are thus planning to restore the infrastructure. Meanwhile, those Syrian who have returned are helping each other as best they can.

The cities of Al-Rastan and Tel-Bisa were part of the so-called Al-Rastan triangle (the Al-rastan mousetrap), an isolated enclave of Syrian opposition militants on the border with the provinces of Homs and Hama. Following several years of fighting, moderate opposition groups concluded a ceasefire with Damascus in August 2017 to begin to hand over their weapons by April 2018, to transfer their positions to the legitimate Syrian authorities and to legalize their status. The Syrian Arab Army took control over the entire territory of the enclave by May 18, 2018.

The liquidation of the Al-Rastan triangle permitted for traffic to open along the Homs-Hama road, a section of a very important highway, which connects the Syrian capital with Aleppo, the most populous city in Syria before the war.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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