Bandera and Shukhevich portraits burned in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland

20.03.2018, Warsaw.

Polish nationalists held a protest rally near the Ukrainian Embassy building in Warsaw, Polish news website Interia reports on March 20.

“Shukhevich is a killer” and “Bandera is a criminal” slogans were chanted at the rally. “Banderovets (Bandera supporter) is not my brother”, “Banderovtsy (Bandera supporters) are Nazis”, and “Kiev, liberate yourself from fascism” banners and posters were also used.

According to participants of the rally, murderers, Hitler’s accomplices, and persecutors of the Polish people are honored in Ukraine.

The protests are also a reaction to the March 4 torchlight parade of right-wing radical organizations in the Ukrainian city of Lvov. “It’s as if today the portraits of Dr. Mengele and the top SS commanders were glorified in Germany,” said one of the protesters.

In January 2018, Poland passed the law according to which the propaganda of Bandera ideology is considered a criminal offense.

Ukrainian politicians called this Polish measure “a stab in the back” of Ukrainian statehood.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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