Iraq is ready to work together with Turkey

20.03.2018, Baghdad.

According to the press release of the Iraqi Ministry of Justice, the Iraqi government is planning to work with Turkey on the issues of border security between the two states, Iraqi Minister of Justice Haidar Al Zamily informed on March 20 during his meeting with Turkey’s ambassador.

The meeting of Iraqi Minister with Turkey’s ambassador Fatih Yıldız took place at the Ministry of Justice. The statement on cooperation with Turkey followed Turkish ambassador’s assurances on Turkey’s readiness to aid Iraq in combating terrorism.

Haidar Al Zamily said that Iraq aims at harmonizing relations with the Middle Eastern countries, and first of all, with neighboring Turkey.

Before World War I, Iraq was part of the Ottoman Empire. Back in 1990, Turkey condemned Iraqi’s invasion of Kuwait and joined the US-led anti-Iraqi coalition, though the country was not directly involved in military operations. The main issue between Iraq and Turkey in the recent years concerns the Kurdish people. From 2007 to 2008, Turkish military carried out military operations in the northern part of Iraq against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. It should also be noted that the border between Turkey and Iraq is 367 km long.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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