Ukrainian MP: Footage proves punitive company militants raped babies

07.08.2016, Ukraine.

Cellphones with footage of rapes were confiscated during the arrest of commanders of Ukrainian “Tornado” punitive company. In particular, one of the videos features a baby, Ukrainian MP Tatyana Chernovol said on air of Ukrainian TV channel.

This actually horrible video is now a part of the evidence of the case. This is a video of sexual orgies, rapes,” the MP told.

There were even babies. As I understand, they made the mother do this together with her baby under the threat of the death of her child. There were rapes of underage girls,” she added. “They are animals, not people.

She also said that Ukrainian MP Semen Semenchenko knows about these crimes and continues to support the suspects for publicity reasons.

Chernovol emphasized that Semenchenko must be put to responsibility for this. “I think this is the last straw, he is going to jail,” she concluded.

Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine informed of detaining eight “Tornado” punitive company militants on June 17, 2015. They were charged with kidnapping and torturing local residents in the suburbs of Lisichansk in Lugansk region, with marauding and gang rape of a man. According to the police, the militants organized a torture chamber in the basement of one of schools of Severodonetsk.

“Tornado” punitive company, incorporated in Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, was founded in October 2014 out of former “Shakhtersk” punitive battalion members. The latter was earlier disbanded for marauding.



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