Kiev’s army made breakthrough attempt, advanced 4 kilometers into DPR territory, was forced to retreat

29.06.2016, DPR.

Ukrainian military tried to break through in Debaltsevo area during the morning and advanced four kilometers into Donetsk People’s Republic territory in the direction of Logvinovo village near Debaltsevo as a result, DPR Defense Ministry informed Donetsk News Agency. Ukrainian army was forced to return back to its original positions.

Today, from seven to eight in the morning, Ukrainian military, with the support of artillery and armored vehicles, made a breakthrough attempts in the Debaltsevo direction. The positions of the enemy were moved four kilometers closer to Logvinovo village,” the source in the Ministry said. Up to a company of Ukrainian army, supported by armored vehicles, was active near Debaltsevo.

The Defense Ministry added that a total of 116 122mm artillery shells were fired by Ukrainian militants during the offensive operation.

Currently the Ukrainian military left the positions near Logvinovo and retreated. Territory near Logvinovo currently remains to be controlled by DPR forces.

Ukrainian military are counting their losses, none of our servicemen were killed. We will not give a single inch of our land to the enemy,” Defense Ministry representative said.

The Defense Ministry emphasized that Ukrainian army’s return to their original positions was achieved by negotiations of Russian representatives in the Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination with their Ukrainian colleagues. It is being specified that the act of aggression by the Ukrainian side was done by the servicemen of Kiev’s 54th independent motorized brigade.


Source: Donetsk News Agency (2)

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