Donetsk Philharmonic Hall scheduled 150 concerts for its 85th anniversary season

30.06.2016, Donetsk.

The program of the forthcoming 85th anniversary season of Donetsk State Philharmonic Hall named after Sergei Prokofiev, will include about 150 concerts, the Head of the Hall announced yesterday at a press conference in Donetsk News Agency.

Around a hundred and fifty new programs are scheduled for the next season. This includes symphonic and organ concerts, concerts of jazz bands and chamber orchestra ‘Viola’,” Paretsky said. “Moreover, ‘National Wind Symphony’ consisting of many musicians will be created.

The Head of the Hall mentioned that a series of concerts is expected on the eve of the New Year, and numerous performances of the artists from abroad are scheduled for the whole anniversary seasons. According to Paretsky, in the new season, roughly from September, booking of season tickets will start at the Philharmonic Hall.

Donetsk State Philharmonic Hall is currently finishing its 84th season. Before the end of the season, the pianist Peter Seyvrayt from the UK will perform on the stage. The gala concert, the program of which is going to be created at the requests of residents of Donetsk People’s Republic, will be the final chord of the season. Philharmonic Hall will open its next anniversary season at the end of August, on the Miner’s Day and the Day of Donetsk city.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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