Aydar battalion and SBU ‘purge’ Stanitsa Luganskaya township

16.05.2016, LPR.

Militants of the nationalist “Aydar” battalion and SBU officers conducted ‘purges’ in Stanitsa Luganskaya township controlled by the Ukrainian army, according to the spokesperson of People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Major Andrey Marochko, LPR Today news agency informed on May 15th.

Andrey Marochko said, “According to our intelligence, a unit of the punitive Aydar Battalion is currently in Stanitsa Luganskaya township. This unit is at ‘Stanitsa Luganskaya – LPR’ checkpoint, and it is also quartered in private house located in this village. The militants of this unit together with the SBU officers are conducting ‘purges’ of the houses and streets of Stanitsa Luganskaya township aimed at identifying relatives of soldiers of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

According to the ‘Novorossiya-Inform’ news agency, two trucks of the Ukrainian army rammed a car ‘Daewoo Nexia’, which, as a result, collided with a school bus, at a crossroads in Nikolaev city. A woman, the driver of a car, was taken to hospital with a head injury. A soldier of the Ukrainian army, who drove the off-road “Ural” truck, had a broken arm.

The soldier, the driver of the truck, was responsible for the accident.

Two local women blew up on a trip-wire mine set by Kiev junta’s militants in Mariinka village controlled by the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian media have informed that the Kiev junta’s punitive forces are evicting the locals of Stanitsa Luganskaya township and occupying the vacated houses.


Source: Vognebroda.net

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