Almost 100 armed groups agreed to a ceasefire in Syria

26.02.2016, Syria.

High Negotiations Committee (HNC) of Syrian opposition said that nearly 100 groups, including groups involved in the “Free Syrian Army”, agreed to a ceasefire in Syria for two weeks.

On Monday the joint statement of the US and Russia on Syria was published, according to which the ceasefire should start February 27 in the country, but it will not include “Islamic State” (Organization banned in Russia), “Jabhat an-Nusra” (Organization banned in Russia) and other groups recognized as terrorist by the UN.

HNC confirms the consent of groups, members of the “Free Syrian Army” and the armed opposition, to keep to a temporary ceasefire, starting at midnight on February 27, which is supposed to last for two weeks,” the HNC statement reads.

This consent was received after the negotiations with the 97 opposition groups,” it is noted. HNC doesn’t announce the exact name of the groups.


Source: RIA Novosti

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