Church service in a destroyed monastery on Donetsk outskirts

26.02.2016, Donetsk.

Church service on the occasion of the day of honoring the Panagia Portaitissa, the Eastern Orthodox icon of Virgin Mary, took place in the destroyed Iversky Monastery on Donetsk outskirts, “Essence of Time” unit reported on February 25 on its official page in the social networks.


Over 200 city residents have gathered to participate in the first church service in the Iversky Monastery since the start of the fighting. The temple is near the Donetsk airport and was heavily damaged by the Ukrainian shelling. Novoignatyevskoye cemetery mined by the Ukrainian military in summer 2014 still remains closed for visitors.


The soldiers of the “Essence of Time” unit who participated in the combat on this part of the front from November 2014 to February 2015 were present during the church service.

“Essence of Time” unit formed in July 2014 in DPR participated in the liberation of Vasilyevka, Panteleymonovka villages and in the battles for Donetsk airport. The soldiers of the unit repelled the massive assault of Ukrainian Armed Forces which attacked the Iversky Monastery. The first soldiers the unit lost have died in that battle – soldiers with call signs “Pyatnitsa”, “Bolgarin” and “Belka”.



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