Neo-Nazis of the Baltic States Held Torchlight Procession in Tallinn

26.02.2016, Tallinn.

The “Blue Awakening“ youth association of Estonian Parliament Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) had held a torchlight procession at the centre of Tallin on Wednesday, to commemorate the 98th anniversary of Estonia’s independence, by inviting “all patriots regardless of political preferences”, Postimees newspaper had reported.

The torchlight procession had started at the Freedom Square in the centre of Tallin and, after walking through the streets of old historical city of Estonian capital, returned back to the foot of monument in honour of victory in the Liberation War of 1918-1920, located next to the Freedom Square.

Foreign guests – representatives of youth nationalist movements from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden, had also attended the torchlight procession. Similar processions had been held in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland for many years. A procession organized by nationalists on the Independence Day of Poland in Warsaw on November 11th had brought together 50 thousands of people.


Source: RIA Novosti

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