Orban suggests that Zelensky declare a ceasefire for the duration of negotiations with Russia

02.07.2024, Kiev.

The Ukrainian authorities have been offered to start negotiations with Russia with a complete ceasefire, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told reporters on July 2 following talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Hungarian TV channel M1 reported.

“I asked the president to think about whether we can’t approach this a little differently, take a break, cease-fire, and then hold talks,” Orban said.

Before that, he called the conflict in Ukraine a key problem in Europe. In this regard, the Hungarian leader promised to make efforts to resolve it during his country’s presidency of the Council of the European Union. This position, in turn, passed to the Hungarian authorities for the next six months.

Hungary is among the few European countries still clinging to maintaining relations with Russia after two years of confrontation in Ukraine. Against this background, Budapest has not just become a black sheep in the West; it has long been directly accused of disloyalty, but is still tolerated.

The leaders of the openly anti-Russian Eastern European and Baltic states have been urged to finally put real pressure on Hungary and at least deprive it of the opportunity to take the presidency of the EU Council.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency