Archpriest: Ideologists of Ukrainism used religion to divide peoples

19.04.2024, Novokuznetsk.

The Greek Catholics used the religious factor to divide the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, Archpriest Alexy Kuznetsov, rector of the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, teacher of the Kuzbass Orthodox Theological Seminary, said during the presentation of the monograph “Ukrainism” at the Kuzbass Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute of Kemerovo State University in Novokuznetsk on April 10, according to a Rossa Primavera News Agency‘s correspondent.

According to Archpriest Alexy, the state, empire, people have three levels of their existence, which must be protected – spiritual, mental and material.

“The state, empire, people have three levels of their existence that need to be protected: the spiritual level, the mental level, and the material level. The higher spiritual level is God, faith and concrete applications of faith to life, this is religion,” Father Alexy said.

The seminary professor explained that the material level includes the economy, demography, and territory. The mental level includes people’s perceptions of themselves, philosophy, history, and so on.

The archpriest noted that if the enemy decides to destroy the people’s mental or material level, the people will be able to recover if the spiritual level is preserved. If the enemy destroys the spiritual level, it is very difficult for the people to recover.

“If we hit at the very top, that is, we tear the people away from God, then after that, the mental level collapses, and we can’t preserve anything at all,” Father Alexy said.

Archpriest Alexis Kuznetsov
Archpriest Alexy Kuznetsov and Archpriest Andrey Ruzanov
Denis Romanov © Rossa Primavera News Agency

He emphasized that those who created the construct of “Ukrainism” understood perfectly well where to hit first of all, and that is why they used the Uniate religion specifically to tear the Ukrainian people away from the Russian people.

“The ideologists of Ukrainism started precisely from the spiritual level. <…> It was necessary to divide the people religiously, and by dividing them religiously, it is possible to convince them that they are actually a different people altogether. It was in the environment of Uniates, Greek Catholics that Ukrainism was born. The religious factor was used as a tool,” Father Alexy concluded.

On April 10, the Kuzbass Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute of Kemerovo State University hosted a presentation with the participation of the authors of the multi-authored monograph “Ukrainism” edited by political scientist and leader of the public movement Essence of Time Sergey Kurginyan.

The monograph authors presented their work to the institute’s teachers, students, churchmen, journalists, and public figures.

The monograph examines in detail Ukrainism, an artificial construct created over the centuries by Russia’s enemies with the aim of weakening it and then destroying it.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency