Kurginyan: The Crocus City Hall attack suggests a major regrouping of forces

16.04.2024, Aleksandrovskoye.

The false-flag terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall was intended to launch a major interethnic conflict, which can be indicative of a change in US global strategy, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on April 9 on Belarusian channel BelTA.

The political scientist noted that statements that followed soon after the terrorist attack that Islamic State (organization banned in Russia) was responsible for the attack raised a question what the purpose of false-flag terrorist attacks in Russia was.

“The idea is certainly that this false flag is supposed to activate a major interethnic conflict,” Kurginyan explained.

The political scientist stressed that a large number of migrants is an acute problem in any country of the world. Laying all the responsibility for the terrorist attack on migrants can initiate a chain reaction in the public.

“Blaming migrants can be enough to expect an outburst of indignation here in Russia, which can trigger a response among migrants,” the political scientist explained.

Kurginyan noted that “Russia cannot be destabilized” unless a domestic conflict is escalated.

The analyst noted that no one will raise the liberal circles to fiercely combat the authorities as “they are non-existent, and they will never rise;” “some have fled, and the others stay and keep quiet.” But the West nevertheless needs to escalate a domestic conflict in Russia, so it has “to raise someone else.”

“And this is where an extremely acute question arises: our strategic enemy, the United States of America and NATO, has it already come to the point where it will attempt to destabilize Russia through the activation of a contingent that cannot be activated without using radical Islamist organizations?” Kurginyan asked.

According to him, nothing can be blown up in Russia unless extremist groups are used.

Kurginyan noted that throughout the period of his observing the way the Anglo-Saxons destabilize something in Russia he found that there are two things that they fear. “They fear, as a standard, as they became accustomed to fearing it, that China can seize Siberia and that a bin Laden or someone else can seize nuclear weapons,” the political scientist stressed.

And this fear, the analyst explained, cannot leave just like that. “It only leaves together with certain era, you see?” the political scientist stressed. Its leaving has to align with major changes in strategic politics.

“Therefore, if the factor has been released and can be activated, it generally means that a really major regrouping of forces is taking place. A really major one! And we can see it at various directions,” Kurginyan noted.

One of these directions, he stressed, is the continuous statements that the USA cannot defend Europe anymore, and it has to fight itself.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency