Liberation of Crimea from fascists showed the genius of the Soviet army. Opinion

09.04.2024, Simferopol.

The operation to liberate Crimea from the Nazi invaders debunked the myth that the USSR defeated Germany only because it had advantage in terms of personnel and did not mind its losses. Doctor of Historical Sciences Andrey Ishin expressed this opinion on April 9 in the press center of RIA Novosti Crimea.

He noted that the Red Army had a big advantage in terms of personnel and the amount of equipment. However, the peninsula was liberated in 35 days not only for this reason.

“There were involved ingenious tactical and strategic decisions that allowed to achieve success in the shortest possible time,” the expert emphasized.

Exactly 80 years ago, the Crimean Offensive operation began. It took the Red Army just over a month to completely clear the peninsula of the Nazi invaders.

One German officer, quoted at the time by the newspaper Izvestia, wrote, “Russian tanks turned us into a herd of sheep… Now we are running to Sevastopol. The sea is further away, there is nowhere to run to. What awaits us?”

He said that the Germans tried to hold Crimea at any cost and fought desperately, but neither a powerful group of troops, nor propaganda, nor a change of commanders did not help the Nazis.

The advance of Soviet troops began with the city of Armyansk, which was liberated on April 8, and already on April 16, the Red Army liberated Yalta.

The operation itself ended on May 12, when the remnants of the Wehrmacht army were defeated on Cape Chersonese.

In 1944, the newspaper Izvestia published an answer to Hitler’s question “What awaits us?”, “Whoever does not surrender will be destroyed.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency