Kurginyan explains what Trump’s “love” for Israel is based on

27.02.2024, Moscow.

Former US president Donald Trump relates well to Israel because he is tightly connected with conservative pro-Israeli US forces, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on February 9 on the program Conversation with a Sage on channel Zvezda.

Kurginyan noted that former US president Donald Trump’s statement that the current president Joe Biden is the key Iran’s supporter has a small nuance.

He indicated that Biden is not the key player who supports Iran. The US president “thinks the following way: someone brings him gifts and smiles to him – he says ‘Okay,’ someone else comes with a gift and smiles – he says ‘Okay,’” the political scientist noted.

Kurginyan said that the key player of this kind is Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, “who has stepped aside in a way before the elections, but who is very peculiar in this sense.”

The political scientist explained that Kerry indeed was playing a game as he pushed Iran towards crossing certain red lines that previously existed. At the same time, Tehran knew that Kerry “was a figure not quite free from certain economic motivations,” Kurginyan hinted. He stressed that Iran exploited these motivations as much as it could.

The philosopher noted that he has been watching Trump since early 1990s. Revealing the reason of his interest to Trump, he noted that “Mr. Zhirinovsky had once a loyal associate, who later turned into something absolutely different, Mr. Vengerovsky. And this Mr. Vengerovsky continuously built relations with Trump.”

Kurginyan noted that he was interested in this Vengerovsky and those with whom he was building relations. This is why the political scientist began to receive news about Trump. “There was indeed an ultra-rightist structure, in which Trump was involved, and which made Trump its protege. And he zealously fulfilled everything it wanted,” the philosopher said.

Then Trump had major economic troubles, Kurginyan indicated.

And suddenly Trump, who used to be really ultra-rightist, turned out to be in complementary relations with gentlemen from conservative pro-Israeli US forces,” the political scientist noted.

These gentlemen helped Trump in resolving his problems that had been created for him. Trump is a radically anti-Iran figure to the same extent as the conservative Israeli establishment is. And this class has made its stake on Netanyahu, Kurginyan explained.

Therefore, as soon as this configuration appears and Mr Kerry goes to prison etc., the Iranian issue only escalates,” the political scientist explained. But Biden does not want Israel to strengthen like that.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency