Swedish analyst: The West is moving toward dictatorship

14.11.2023, Stockholm.

The West is moving toward dictatorship and its politicians are no longer working for their fellow citizens, analyst Lars Bern told SwebbTV on November 13.

The West is increasingly resembling a dictatorship, imposing its far-from-perfect notions of democracy on others, Bern said. In his opinion, it is becoming increasingly clear how people in the West are silenced as soon as their opinions do not coincide with those of the Western oligarchy, which has subordinated everything to its interests, including, first and foremost, politicians.

In the expert’s opinion, the population of the West needs to think seriously about strengthening democracy against the economic interests of the oligarchs, because otherwise, the future will be extremely gloomy.

“The Western world increasingly resembles a dictatorship: censorship has been introduced, which we in a democratic country have never heard of before. Suddenly the media are censored because of these interests,” Bern cautions.

The Swedish government recently announced, the analyst recalled, that it should support the opposition in Belarus, and it is doing so allegedly “in the name of democracy.” The Swedish authorities keep talking about the need to spread democracy.

What is striking is that if the West’s own “democracy” is a “chimera,” it should not spread further. Yet Western politicians still portray the West as a bastion of democracy, even though this is no longer the case.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency