Kurginyan explains who will help to prevent a repeat of provocation in Dagestan

03.11.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

Two forces – authoritative Sufis and national Islam – are needed to oppose attempts to destabilize Russia by the hands of US-backed radicals, philosopher, political scientist, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on October 30 on a special edition of the Destiny program.

The analyst described the mechanism by which any Islamic region loses its stability – it is a conflict between the government, which has no social base, and the frustrated US-backed “grassroots.” The authorities of the Islamic countries are sitting on the “powder kegs” of the exalted “grassroots”, not interacting and engaging the population, with whom the enemy begins to interact and manipulate. And the US elites will “organize the caliphate that they need so much”.

The political scientist described two forces that are needed to prevent this from happening.

“The first force is Sufis, who don’t need this [the radical Islamists] and should be supported. And the second is national-modernized Islam. Will they be authoritative? Then they will contain caliphatism and radicalism. They will! The containing of the process is in their hands, not in the hands of lunatics who speak with trembling lips about ‘400 million destroyed’,” he said.

According to him, the key aspect of this problem is the resoluteness of the government, which must be sufficiently authoritative (and therefore not corrupt at the very least) to attract this elite of Sufis and national Islam. The government must also create a symbiosis with them without undermining the authority of other leaders, Kurginyan notes.

“If the dialog with the population is firm enough, honest and supported by the corresponding actions, if the authorities will really rely on the major leaders – and not on the minions – of national Islam (Russian in our case) and Sufism, if the authorities create the right image of themselves, and if the mass media stop ‘mumbling’ and begin to talk as they should, we will preserve Russia’s internal stability,” the philosopher says.

If this is not done, one can consider the provocation in Dagestan, which was unambiguously carried out by the Ukrainian Center for Information and Psychological Operations under the United States’ guidance, as a prologue to the worst. This “prologue” will, of course, be suppressed now, the analyst is sure. But this is a “palliative measure”.

“I can say to all this Ukrainian scum that our law enforcers are not as stupid as it seems, and they have been working in this environment – with the adherents of the green flag [of Islam] – for decades and know how to work. No one will run away: they will allow the first wave and then respond,” the analyst said.

However, in the current situation, a strategy is needed, not a palliative, Sergey Kurginyan is sure. “This is a postponement. This is an attempt to buy a postponement by worsening the situation, but it will explode,” the analyst warns.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency