Kurginyan: Russia must preserve the Caucasus as a “belt of Russian security”

30.10.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

Russia should maintain its influence in the countries that are the “Russian security belt,” political scientist, philosopher, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on October 7 on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio channel.

The Caucasus presents such “belt of Russian security” where Russia has its geopolitical, transportation and other interests, Sergey Kurginyan pointed out.

“Russia cannot lose the Caucasus completely. Because this will break this belt and processes will emerge in the North Caucasus. And [the prior] events in Chechnya will seem insignificant compared to that,” the political scientist warned.

However, processes in the Caucasus which are detrimental to Russia continue to develop. But Russia cannot interfere in them right now against the background of the ongoing special operation in Ukraine, emphasized Sergey Kurginyan.

“And this process is intensifying, and we can’t even intervene, because in our current state (I repeat this for the thousandth time) we can’t afford two conflicts,” the political scientist explained.

But the processes that are detrimental to Russia continue to develop in the region.

“So, the processes will soon involve the Lezgins, Dagestan. They will definitely spread to everything else,” the political scientist said.

The nature of the processes taking place in Turkey also runs counter to Russia’s interests and poses a serious danger for it in the future, Sergey Kurginyan pointed out.

Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, sought to create a sovereign, national, modernized state and to join Europe in the same way as Russia.

When Turkey realized the futility of these plans, “Erdogan put neo-Ottomanism and neo-Turanism forward”, recalled Sergey Kurginyan. The political scientist noted that Turkey will try to seriously strengthen its influence in the regions where peoples with Turkic roots live.

The future Turan or the future Ottoman Empire should include such Russian territories as Bashkiria, Tataria, Yakutia, Tuva and many other territories, including the entire North Caucasus, the analyst described Turkey’s plans.

“And Russia has many Turks on its territory. It is not like Armenians or Persians, there are many of them, they are the next ethnic group [in number after the Russians],” said Sergey Kurginyan.

“Erdogan has already said, as a matter of fact, that Crimea is Turkish territory, and they absolutely sure about this,” the political analyst gave an example of Turkey’s ambitions.

Kurginyan added that if the processes in Turkey continue to go in this direction, the Grey Wolves, an organization that developed close alliance with the Banderites on the grounds of hatred of Russians, will come to de facto power in Turkey.

“[The Grey Wolves and the Banderites] are close allies, and what is the reason for this unity? It is hatred of Russia – desire of Russian death,” the political scientist warned.

Thus, Sergey Kurginyan pointed out that against the background of the ongoing Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, “the brotherhood of Russians and Turks is the pledge of our security,” and “the conflict is the worst thing for our internal security,” as Russia cannot afford another escalation.

It is right to build friendly Russian-Turkish relations now. However, the ongoing processes in the region and Turkey’s policy indicate possible future conflicts in the region, for which Russia should prepare now.

“One has to smooth the conflict in all possible ways, but one cannot smooth it just by cajoling, because the other side will persistently escalate it,” the political analyst explained.

“So, if these processes go on and this beast will tighten its grip on Russia’s throat, either we will collapse or we will manage to regroup, as we had time to regroup in the era after [signing the] Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, by using the time to build some factories and regroup military forces,” the analyst concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency