Dagestan head says that rioters stabbed participants of Russia’s special operation in the back

30.10.2023, Makhachkala.

Rioters at Makhachkala airport stabbed their fellow countrymen who gave their lives for the security of the homeland in the back, Dagestan’s head Sergei Melikov wrote on his Telegram channel on October 30.

“All participants of today’s riots with their deed stuck a knife in the backs of those who gave their lives for the security of the Motherland – both in 1999, when we stopped international terrorists on the doorstep of Dagestan, and today, when our fellow countrymen are fighting Nazis in the zone of Russia’s special military operation, worthily representing the republic,” he said.

Melikov emphasized that all Dagestanis are deeply concerned by what is happening in Palestine. “But what happened at our airport is outrageous and should be appropriately assessed by law enforcement agencies! And it will definitely be done!” the republic’s head promised.

“There is no courage in waiting in a crowd for unarmed people who have done nothing forbidden,” he condemned the rioters from a moral point of view, “There is no vigor in breaking into the airport. There is no honor in swearing at strangers, checking their pockets and trying to check their passports! There are no good intentions in attacking women with children who have been treated abroad.”

The rioters, incited by Ukrainian Telegram channels, broke into to Uytash airport. Dagestan set up an operational headquarters to settle the socio-political situation in the region, which was headed by Sergey Melikov.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency