Kurginyan: The Russian-Turkish friendship may suffer the same fate as the Russian-German one

20.10.2023, Moscow.

The attempt to build friendly Russian-Turkish relations may fail the way the hopes for German-Russian friendship did, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on October 3 in a new issue of his original broadcast Destiny.

Kurginyan reminded that the attempt to build friendly German-Russian relations resulted in two world wars involving Germany, which the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union had to withstand.

We told you, ‘yes, you are right, Germany is Russia’s natural ally. German-Russian friendship is the best thing ever.’ This is one side of the medal, but the other one is the two world wars against Germany! Did this happen, too, or not?” the philosopher reminded.

However, there was a reason in an attempt to build relations with another ally, Kurginyan indicated. As long as there was the Soviet Union with the global socialist system with a population of half billion or more, with third-world countries, and with its mission, our country could strategically hold out, Kurginyan explained.

Today, Russia has neither that population nor “security belts” in the form of adjacent countries.

And now we have a Russian-Turkish friendship. Not Russian-German, but Russian-Turkish,” the philosopher commented the new vector of the Russian policy.

However, this vector is as dangerous as the previous one, Kurginyan explained.

This is a NATO member state! All honor to our diplomacy that Turkey has not become involved in a direct confrontation, but this is mainly due to what? To the fact that NATO exists,” the philosopher said.

Kurginyan explained that Turkey’s membership in the NATO military bloc is what prevents Turkey from a direct confrontation with Russia. If a direct conflict with Russia begins, according to the agreement among NATO member states, the other countries would have to enter the military conflict.

However, in spite of low chances of a direct conflict, an acute crisis in the Russian-Turkish relations is still possible, the philosopher believes.

Kurginyan explained that Turkey dreamed to become part of Europe as Russia did, but it was rejected. After that Turkey changed its policy towards imperial ambitions.

And when they received the refusal they turned to Osmanism and Turanism, and this is where they are moving now. Do you want to move there with them? Really? Do you understand that the second greatest population after the Russians are the Turks in Russia? And that we should pray for a Turkish-Russian convergence as long as there is a convergence,” the philosopher said.

A potential Russian-Turkish conflict will be acute because of the size of the “Turkish factor” in Russia’s policy and life.

If the Russian-Turkish convergence stops, “our greatest complimentarity to this Turkish factor must inevitably transform into something else, something much more watchful, because this factor is large,” Kurginyan stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency