Estonia proposes to include a ban on trade with Russia in the EU sanctions package

21.10.2023, Estonia.

The EU’s 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions should include a complete ban on trade with Russia, said Erki Kodar, deputy secretary general for legal and consular affairs at the Estonian Foreign Ministry, Telewizja Republika reported on October 21.

Estonia intends to achieve the inclusion of a complete ban on trade with Russia in the new EU sanctions package,” Kodar said.

It is reported that the content of the new sanctions package was discussed at a meeting between a representative of the Estonian Foreign Ministry and officials from the office of the UK head of government and the British ministries of justice and foreign affairs.

It is expected that the new sanctions package will be aimed at tightening previously imposed restrictions in order to reduce the possibility of bypassing existing bans.

Negotiations on the new sanctions package are due to start in November 2023.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency