One third of humanitarian aid addressed to the Ukrainian army disappears in Ukraine

20.10.2023, Ukraine.

About a third of humanitarian aid shipments addressed to the Ukrainian army have not reached their destination, the press service of the State Customs Service of Ukraine said on October 20.

According to the agency, since the beginning of 2023, as a result of joint activities of the Department of combating smuggling and violations of customs rules of the State Customs Service and the Department of Internal Audit of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, more than 9 thousand facts of movement of humanitarian aid goods to 200 military units were checked, as well as more than 3 thousand cases of non-confirmation of its receipt in military units were established.

The Customs Service noted that in order to stop the revealed violations of customs legislation and to bring the guilty to administrative or criminal responsibility 320 protocols on violation of customs rules were drawn up, where the subjects of violations are humanitarian aid goods.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency