Putin notes Orban’s courage in defending the interests of the Hungarian people

18.10.2023, China.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban courageously defends the interests of the people, for which he is under criticism, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on October 18.

The president noted that the Hungarian prime minister pursues a pro-Hungarian policy and is often wrongly accused of a pro-Russian stance.

And they attack him (Orban – note by Rossa Primavera News Agency) mainly not because he takes some different position from other European leaders, but because he has the courage to stand up for the interests of his people,” Putin said.

The Russian leader added that many of today’s European politicians lack the courage to pursue a policy in the interests of their people. They are attacking Orban because of envy, the president explained.

Putin also noted the Hungarian prime minister’s pragmatism and optimism: “I don’t know, it seems to me that Mr. Orban is a pragmatic, optimistic person in general.”

This was the president’s response to a reporter’s suggestion that Orban had lost the last of his optimism on the possibility of a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency