Kurginyan: Turkey and Azerbaijan will try to destabilize the Turkic issue in Russia

15.10.2023, Moscow.

The emerging Turkish-Azerbaijani state will try to destabilize the Turkic population throughout Russia, political scientist, philosopher, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan stated on October 1 in his article The Karabakh Bell published in The Essence of Time newspaper, issue 553.

Kurginyan noted that Turkey, or the gradually emerging Turkish-Azerbaijani state, seeks to establish control over the entire Turkic population. And here it is extremely naive to believe that the Turks will limit themselves to the Uighurs.

“The main Turkic population outside Turkey which is of high interest to the Turks is living in Russia. And its part, which seriously considers its Turkic identity, is rapidly coming under the patronage of Turkey, and in the future – of the Turkish-Azerbaijani state,” Kurginyan said.

According to the political scientist, Russia may face a complication of the situation in Dagestan, where the so-called tiny Lezgin problem will emerge. According to him, this would be only the beginning of the unfolding process.

“Grasping this problem, the Turkish-Azerbaijani state will start to swing the Turkic component throughout the Russian Federation,” Kurginyan said.

The political analyst emphasized that this process will not bypass Crimea, where Turkish claims are particularly acute and open.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency