Rostec delivers newest remote mine-laying systems Zemledeliye to Russian army ahead of schedule

13.10.2023, Moscow.

Rostec state defense enterprise supplied the Zemledeliye remote mine-laying systems to the Russian army, the enterprise’s press service informed on October 13.

“Thanks to programmable ammunition, the newest system can cover an area of several soccer fields with mines within several minutes,” the press release reads.

The press service noted that Zemledeliye also allows setting the time of self-liquidation or deactivation of mines. The complex includes a high-capacity vehicle with all eight wheels driving, and transport-launching containers loaded with mines.

The principle of operation of these units is similar to that used in multiple rocket launchers. The complex is also capable of striking at specified targets.

Rostec emphasized that Russia’s special military operation and specifically the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive showed the importance of competent mining of approaches to positions. Zemledeliye allows the creation of minefields quickly and in hard-to-reach areas. The deactivation system will ensure quick demining after the end of combat operations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency