Kurginyan: Man deprived of the core of his personality will lose to the robot

12.10.2023, Moscow.

The development of a “highly organized” technological digital society leads to the degradation of humanity, human relations and personality, and Man deprived of the core of his personality will lose to the robot, political scientist, philosopher and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on September 23 on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio channel.

Discussing the topic, the analyst addressed the notion of the “kingdom of the Golden Calf.”

“How much is your child worth? Can you sell it for anything? No. How much is your love worth? Does a world of quality exist? Is there a world about which one can’t ask you ‘how much is it worth’? What will you not sell? This is the core of your personality,” Kurginyan said.

The analyst emphasized that we can only trust the things about which we know that they are for money. “If there is no such thing, there is no personality, no Man.”

“So the question arises: he [Man] thinks slower than a robot, something else, but in his essence he [Man] is a trembling creature, he has no core, he has nothing inside. Then what? Well, then the robot wins,” he believes.

The analyst recalled the Poklonnaya Hill rally in 2012 – a 140,000-strong rally of people – ordinary citizens – who came out to fight back against the ultra-liberal crowd that had attempted a coup d’état in Russia on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square. Poklonnaya won because Russian citizens acted selflessly – people came out to defend their country.

Where the “Golden Calf” rules, it comes out differently – “this model does not work.”

“I know very well <…>, from some very high meetings of the era after Yushchenko defeated Yanukovich, how exactly certain kind of patriotic street movement was created for money in Russia, and how much money was spent – it was incredible sums. I tell you firmly, not a single person came out! Not a single one!” Sergey Kurginyan recalled.

This means that any “patriotic movements” operating under the aegis of the “Golden Calf” will collapse under any pressure, the expert is sure.

“First and foremost, because one can kill for money, but one can’t die for it. It doesn’t make sense. That’s one thing. The other thing is one can always pay such movements off. One can either intimidate them and buy them off. That’s it!” he concluded.

Sergey Kurginyan is convinced that only movements that have “immaterial component” can stand. “The world is ruled by the immaterial.” The analyst is convinced that this thesis acquires decisive significance in the face of the contemporary enormous challenges.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency