Patriotic Kazakh politician should wish the country Western sanctions. Opinion

11.10.2023, Astana.

The behavior and statements of Kazakhstan’s leader Kasym-Jomart Tokayev toward Russia and the anti-Russian sanctions are certainly upsetting, but not surprising, noted Arystan Siraliyev, an expert of the Central Asia department of Rossa Primavera News Agency, on October 10.

“First of all, Tokayev is a professional diplomat. And diplomats, especially in the eastern tradition, are not independent political players. They voice and serve these players,” the observer explains.

Arystan Siraliyev also emphasizes that if Tokayev were an independent player, and even on the position of protecting the interests of Kazakhstan (even if only economic), he would not be afraid, but would be willing to face Western sanctions.

“Western sanctions against Kazakhstan would untie the country’s hands to cancel the looting production-sharing agreements with Western oil producers, according to which Kazakhstan gives them the lion’s share of all oil extracted from its subsoil. Tokayev himself publicly called these production sharing agreements completely unacceptable and transparently hinted that the former government of Kazakhstan was responsible for their conclusion,” the observer emphasizes.

Secondly, the approach of “I serve the external or internal force that is stronger at the moment and move from one patron to another easily and quickly” is a centuries-old tradition in the Central Asian region. You can’t buy anyone here. You can only rent one, explains Siraliyev.

“Thirdly, it seems that the position of ‘they have no choice’ is equally inherent in both Russian and Kazakhstani, pardon the expression, pragmatists, who assess the correctness of decisions made solely from the standpoint of immediate profit, often insignificant. These assessments simply do not include considerations that external players can banally use them or their neighbors as a tool to achieve goals that do not include not only the well-being but even the very existence of these ‘pragmatists’,” the observer adds.

Siraliyev also explained that the thirty years of the UK and US companies and NGOs domination in the region have created an aberration of affinity among the population. They see the hegemony of the Anglo-Saxon world as immutable and its power as limitless.

“But they are not the only ones [believing in the West’s omnipotence]… And here no arguments help – only the reality, given in feelings,” the observer added.

On September 28, at a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Tokayev assured European colleagues that Kazakhstan will not violate anti-Russian sanctions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency