Russian Foreign Ministry: Germany openly rehabilitates Nazism

10.10.2023, Moscow.

The German Cabinet is openly rehabilitating Nazism, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel on October 9.

She drew attention to the fact that in an official response to a parliamentary inquiry from the Left Party, the German cabinet said that it did not classify Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, the SS division Galicia (organization banned in Russia), the OUN-UPA (organization banned in Russia) and the Azov battalion (organization banned in Russia) as right-wing extremists, anti-Semites, gypsy haters or racists.

In response to the enumeration in the request of the facts of Nazism planted in contemporary Ukraine, the German cabinet replied that it “does not have its own data” on this.

“Historical amnesia and the game of ‘double standards’ lead to a repetition of world catastrophes,” Maria Zakharova warned.

The rehabilitation of Nazism, which has as one of its goals the revision of the Yalta world order, is taking place in almost all European countries. The heroization of Nazi accomplices in Ukraine is a vivid and important part of this process.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency