Russian state defense enterprise Rostec starts supplying Russian troops with mobile self-propelled artillery vehicles Floks

06.10.2023, Moscow.

Russian state defense enterprise Rostec sent the first batch of new self-propelled artillery vehicles Floks to the Russian Armed Forces, the company’s press service reported on October 5.

According to the report, the 120mm caliber self-propelled artillery vehicle is mounted on an off-road vehicle. This allows the unit to quickly change its location. It takes less than a minute to transfer the gun from the marching position to the combat position.

According to the press service, the self-propelled artillery vehicle is equipped with an armored cabin and ammunition compartment, which provides increased protection for the crew and ammunition during movement.

“This gun is both a cannon and a mortar, because it can fire both shells and mortar rounds without slowing down,” emphasized Bekkhan Ozdoyev, industrial director of the company’s conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemistry complex.

He also noted that the design of the complex balances manual and automated operations to make the work of the crew as easy as possible. The relatively low price makes this weapon affordable and in demand by the troops.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency