Military expert: Russian Aerospace Forces use a FAB-1500 bomb for the first time in a special military operation

05.10.2023, Moscow.

For the first time during a special operation in Ukraine, the Russian Aerospace Forces used a FAB-1500 aerial bomb with a unified planning and correction module (UMPK), retired Colonel Viktor Baranets told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper on October 4.

“A Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber used a FAB-1500 bomb for the first time during a special operation. The strike hit the headquarters of the Soledar separate tactical group,” Baranets wrote in his article.

He noted that the strike hit the headquarters near the village of Aleksandro-Kalinovo at the moment of an important meeting with high-ranking, including foreign military officers and advisers, which is evident from the fact that the wounded were urgently evacuated to Rzeszow.

Baranets explained that the aerial bomb used was a model of a precision munition created by refining a Soviet aerial bomb of the 1954 model, to which a planning and correction module was added.

This modification makes it possible to strike from an altitude of 12 km and at a great distance from the target object with a maximum deviation of 5 meters from the target. At the same time, the explosion leaves behind a crater with a diameter of 15 meters, and the radius of impact of the shock wave and fragments is 500 meters.

The article points out that the resulting high-precision aerial bomb is three times more powerful than Kinzhal and several times cheaper than it. The main targets are fortified objects located underground.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency