Putin explains why the Speaker of Canada’s Parliament is more of a scoundrel than a dumbhead

05.10.2023, Sochi.

If the Speaker of the Canadian parliament does not know that the Nazi he invited to the assembly fought on Hitler’s side during World War II, he is a dumbhead, and if he knows and calls this Nazi a hero, he is a scoundrel, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on October 5, speaking at a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

Putin thus commented on the issue of the appearance of a Nazi from the SS division in the Canadian parliament.

“First of all, if the speaker of the Canadian Parliament says that this Canadian, Canadian-Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Canadian Nazi fought against the Russians during World War II, he cannot but realize that he fought on Hitler’s side… Or was a fascist collaborator. In any case, he fought on the side of Nazi troops,” Putin said.

At the same time, Putin explained, stipulating respect for the people of Canada, if the Speaker of Parliament does not know that the Nazi he presented was fighting on Hitler’s side, he simply does not have basic knowledge.

“Let’s say he doesn’t know that. In no way do I want to hurt the feelings of the Canadian people, we treat Canada with respect, especially the people. But if he doesn’t know that Hitler and his minions fought against Russia during the war, then he’s a dumbhead. He, then, simply did not study in school, does not have basic knowledge. And if he knows that this man fought on Hitler’s side and calls him a hero of Ukraine and a hero of Canada, then he is a scoundrel. Either this or that,” Putin emphasized.

On September 22, to the visit of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to the Canadian Parliament invited 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, who was presented to the assembly of parliamentarians as a veteran of the war with the Russians.

Meanwhile, Hunka turned out to be a former soldier of the SS division “Galicia” (organization banned in Russia), which during the Great Patriotic War was almost entirely formed of Ukrainian nationalists and fought against the Red Army, as well as carried out punitive operations against civilians on the territory of the USSR and European countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency