Kurginyan: US will not allow Russia’s revanche for Cold War defeat

27.09.2023, Moscow.

The US political core will not allow the situation in Ukraine to deescalate because it cannot allow Russia to take revanche for its defeat in the Cold War, political scientist, analyst, philosopher, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on September 8 in a new issue of the Conversation with a Sage program on the Zvezda radio channel.

The political scientist explained that a clear understanding of the situation in the US society and, first and foremost all, in the US elite is necessary to predict further US actions in the conflict in Ukraine. Such an understanding requires knowledge about what this elite is, how it makes decisions and other parameters.

“I can’t say, and I insist all the time that I can’t say, exactly what this very contemporary generation within the US elite is – all these Blinkens, Sullivans and so on,” Kurginyan noted.

The political scientist suggested that all representatives of these top US officials pursue purely economic interests in power. He pointed out that many of them are involved in endless profiteering schemes and do nothing else.

Sergey Kurginyan noted that he is familiar with some facts about what Nuland does. “But I don’t know specifically what Blinken does, how he wants to realize his welfare,” he added.

The political scientist doubted that the personal and extraneous motives of President Biden’s entourage influence US geopolitics. He reminded that the political class in the United States has a core, which is commonly referred to as the “deep state”. Even former US President Donald Trump speaks about the existence of this core.

“Whether the deep state, or, I prefer to say, the core of the US political class, will not allow anything that could soften the situation in Ukraine. It is not required,” the political scientist said.

Kurginyan emphasized that it is very important for the USA to support the conflict in Ukraine to prevent Russia from revanche for its defeat in the Cold War. It wants to fulfill their desire by other people’s hands, he explained.

“Mitt Romney, not a minor politician, by the way, said that the war in Ukraine is the most profitable investment possible: [we spend only] 5% of the military budget, and get so much by other people’s hands!” the political scientist explaine his thought.

According to him, the basic principles of such foreign policy course have been developed, first and foremost, by the US Democratic Party.

“This idea that Ukraine is super important, it is a specific, characteristic of Brzezinski’s school, which is, of course, primarily in the US Democratic Party, but not only,” Kurginyan emphasized.

There is no reason for US politicians to change the winning strategy. And they have many more arguments to keep developing it, all of which are based on the omnipotence of money, the political scientist recalled.

“Well, you see, the notion, which in a crude form is reduced to the opinion that money triumphs over evil, has become terribly ingrained in every cell of the body of our elite, the expert community during this time [after the disintegration of the Soviet Union]. Everyone is corrupt, we will buy everyone,” Kurginyan said.

The political scientist asked what is more important for victory: money or military power? To answer this question, he cited a passage from a verse by Alexander Pushkin. “‘I will buy everything,’ said the gold. But Pushkin’s verse also continues, ‘I’ll size everything,’ said the sword,” Kurginyan emphasized.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency