Izhevsk defense enterprise creates a kamikaze drone Italmas with a flight range of 200 km

22.09.2023, Izhevsk.

ZALA AERO defense enterprise developed a new long-range and powerful unmanned aerial vehicle, which is a modernized analog of the Geran kamikaze drone and named product-54 Italmas, Aeroscan’s general designer Alexander Zakharov said, the news platform Look ru informed on September 20.

On Armorer’s Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Aeroscan’s plant in Izhevsk, where the Lancets are manufactured. Zakharov led the president through the workshops of the enterprise and told about the production. Among other things, Putin was shown a new development by ZALA – product-54 Italmas.

The new attack drone resembles in its appearance the Geran drones, which regularly strike military infrastructure deep behind the front line in Ukraine. It was given the Udmurt name of a flower from the buttercup family, listed in the Red Book of Udmurtia.

This UAV continues the idea behind the Geran series of drones with internal combustion engines, but is a completely domestic development, although remotely reminiscent of Iranian Shahed. Fuel is poured into the wings, which serve as a huge gas tank, allowing for increased range and power.

“It’s wider operation range. So it’s over 200 kilometers and with a larger warhead. It’s like this,” Zakharov explained.

The first tests of the Italmas drone began in winter at a training ground near Izhevsk. Over the past months, the product has been finalized, and the “Udmurtian flower” is almost ready for delivery to the front.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency