Kurginyan: Europe is a loose formation maintained by the USA

19.09.2023, Moscow.

The integrity of the allegedly united Europe relies on the USA, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on August 25 on the program Conversation with a Sage in the Zvezda radio station.

Europe… is a seriously loose formation kept together by one outside force, the USA, Kurginyan explained.

The political scientist explained that the united Europe in the form of the European Union “is all made of contradictions.” This is its weak spot, according to Kurginyan.

One of the most serious conflicts that the philosopher pointed out is a century-long conflict for Alsace-Lorraine between France and Germany. Another serious historical conflict that the political scientist mentioned is the period of the Hundred Years’ War between France and England.

According to Kurginyan, the Polish-German relations contain nothing at all but contradictions.

Is there anything else but contradiction there? They have a constant issue whether these countries can co-exist in a more or less peaceful manner if they use their history is a basis. Because, indeed, <…> no one knows what there is in their background,” Kurginyan said referring to one of the greatest battles of medieval Europe, the Battle of Grunwald, in which allied Polish-Lithuanian armies defeated the army of the Teutonic Order.

The political scientist also mentioned the Polish-Ukrainian relations.

For Poland, Ukraine are lackeys to be subordinated, and they have always been,” Kurginyan indicated.

One of the most tragic historical events between the two countries is the killing of Polish civilians by Ukrainians known in history is the Volyn Massacre.

According to Kurginyan, the Poles will never forget this or forgive Ukraine.

Never mind how long they can ban any discussion of this Volyn Massacre, it remains in people’s hearts, this is the memory of generations, it is an injure inflicted to Poland, it will never shrink, it will only grow with time,” the philosopher noted.

As a counter-example to the European Union, the analyst referred to the Soviet Union, which successfully united different republics and peoples around its Russian center.

Kurginyan explained that while the Soviet Union clearly had a Russian center, ‘An unbreakable union of free republics, The Great Russia has sealed forever,’ and Russian was used as the primary language, here it is even not clear which language the EU speaks, and what it is.”

According to the philosopher, even the Christian meanings fail to unite Europe. Firstly, countries with different religious basis want to enter the EU. Secondly, contemporary liberal trends themselves address something different than Christianity, the analyst stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency