11 Ukrainian drones shot down over Crimea

14.09.2023, Simferopol.

11 Ukrainian drones were shot down over Crimea, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry said on September 14.

“Over Crimea, air defense forces destroyed 11 Ukrainian drones,” the statement reads.

On the night of September 13 at around 3:18 a.m., the Ukrainian armed units struck Sevastopol with ten cruise missiles. They also used three uncrewed boats on the detachment of ships of the Black Sea Fleet on the passage by sea.

The Russian air defense system shot down seven of the ten missiles. Because of the missile attack, a fire broke out in the area of the Southern Bay – the fire was assigned the fourth class.

As a result of the Ukrainian missile attack, according to the specified data, 26 people were injured. Seven apartment buildings and one private house were damaged – windows were broken and roofs were punctured.

Two Black Sea Fleet ships under repair at the Ordzhonikidze shipyard were also damaged.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency