Kurginyan: In the 21st century, the world faces a nasty battle between predators

13.09.2023, Moscow.

The US will not allow China’s further development; instead, it will start a fight to maintain world domination, said political scientist, philosopher, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on August 25 in the Conversation with a Sage program on the Zvezda radio station.

According to him, “in the 21st century, the whole world is becoming much more violent than in the late 20th century. The times of splendor are over. A dog eat dog world, a nasty fight between predators is beginning.”

If China’s development continues at the same pace for another 10-12 years, the US will lose its dominance forever, believes the political scientist.

The US elites understand it very well, even though they currently find themselves in a “very strange” form, Kurginyan added.

“I have said several times that I don’t understand these strange people who are now running the US. These are some very strange people. Sometimes it seems as if they’re constantly on drugs, sometimes they appear to have dementia, sometimes it’s something else. But I believe that the US elites have been preserved at their core. And if it is so, then there can be no discussion about allowing China to develop for ten years straight. Its impossible!” noted the philosopher.

Currently, the US cannot be regarded as “the obvious number one state in the world,” Kurginyan believes. “It ended a long time ago. It was obvious in the 50s, it’s over now,” he says.

According to the leader of the Essence of Time movement, once the trade between countries in national currencies such as yuan or rupees begins to seriously threaten the dominance of the dollar, the US economy will drop to third or fourth place in the world.

“As soon as the US loses the ability to print dollars it will lose its military power status as the number one country, its aircraft carriers, and it will drop to the third or fourth place in the world, if not fifth,” he emphasized.

Kurginyan also draws attention to the fact that if this happens, the US public is capable of disrupting the country.

“The US population is overindulged in its entirety, regardless of its conflicting multi-ethnic configuration. When they stop feeding the public, it will either switch to fascist footing, and then everything will be restored, or it will fall apart,” the political scientist concludes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency