Die Zeit: G20 summit declaration disrupts Scholz’s plans to isolate Russia

10.09.2023, Berlin.

The final declaration of the G20 summit in New Delhi has brought down German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s plans to “slap Russia in the face,” German newspaper Die Zeit wrote on September 10.

The newspaper recalled that in 2022, the G20 summit in Indonesia “unexpectedly” approved a declaration condemning the special operation in Ukraine, although before that China, India and South Africa abstained from voting on the same issue in the UN General Assembly. The West perceived the adoption of such a document as an isolation of Russia and a “slap in the face”, the article says.

“Scholz spoke of an important clarification at a crucial moment in this conflict. He now recognizes what can no longer be hidden. There was no condemnation [of Russia] in the final declaration [of the 2023 G20 summit in New Delhi], nor was there any mention of a ‘slap in the face’,” Zeit writes.

The article points out that a year after the summit in Indonesia, one thing can be stated – the moment was not “decisive,” and there was no talk of any “clarifications.”

The New Delhi Declaration of the G20 summit calls for the conflict in Ukraine to be dealt with in accordance with the goals and principles of the UN Charter. Russia’s representative in the G20, Svetlana Lukash, said that half of the organization’s member states rejected the interpretation of the events in Ukraine in the interests of the West. The declaration affirms a balanced approach on Ukraine and a desire to resolve conflicts around the world.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency