Kurginyan: Any US administration will support Ukraine

08.09.2023, Moscow.

Any US administration will support Ukraine, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on August 22 in a new issue of his original broadcast Destiny.

It was declared that the United States of America will support Ukraine under any US administration. And that this decision was made by an overwhelming majority of the congressmen from the two parties, the political scientist said.

According to Kurginyan, there is a great deal of rational arguments that the war will be long-lasting and that it is a positional war and a war of attrition.

And I cannot understand what the United States can lose in terms of dominance etc. It has already undermined Europe, it has boosted its own defense industry, and it does not receive any coffins. Ukrainians are not valued at all. It has to fight China, but it cannot fight China until Russia is defeated, so it needs to defeat Russia, Kurginyan explained.

The political scientist also noted that Ukraine will receive even more support, but not less, if its counter-offensive turns out to be ineffective.

Zelensky himself or some of his commanders can get troubles, and this is why they are making great effort. But it (Ukraine – Rossa Primavera News Agency) will receive more support, and it is being discussed already where pilots will be trained and how they will be trained etc. They want to use Ukraine as proxy to combat Russia even if it lasts forever, Kurginyan stressed.

According to the political scientist, this is already discussed by really major analysts, who usually know more about this than certain officials, even very high-ranking.

Kurginyan also indicated that certain processes will develop in parallel. “Militarization of Japan will take place. Militarization of Germany will take place. All these moves around the Security Council etc. will take place. They just do not know what to make up, but they desperately want us out of there.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency