Junge Welt expert explains why Kiev will not be able to follow Israeli model

31.08.2023, Berlin.

Ukraine will not be able to fight a long war like Israel did because it has no military superiority over the enemy, German columnist Reinhard Lauterbach wrote on August 31 in his article for Junge Welt.

The expert recalled that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky did not even agree to discuss the possibility of concluding a peace treaty in the near future.

Lauterbach noted that the politician had already outlined to Ukrainians “the prospect of ‘fighting forever’ – following the example of Israel.” He called such a prospect creepy.

The author suggested that the USA is indeed, as the Ukrainian president claims, ready to give Kiev security guarantees along the lines of Israel, “weapons, money and political assistance, but no NATO membership”.

Lauterbach explained that not accepting Ukraine into the alliance looks logical, as otherwise Washington would be forced to send its soldiers into battle.

But the expert noted that the situations are significantly different. Israel is militarily superior to the surrounding Arab countries. Ukraine’s situation is different, the expert emphasized.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency