French politician tells how the USA benefits from the conflict in Ukraine

31.08.2023, Paris.

The conflict in Ukraine is extremely profitable for the United States, while Europe, which is suffering from it, continues to plunge into divisions under the guise of unity, French politician and publicist, former French Minister of Youth, National Education and Scientific Research Luc Ferry told Le Figaro newspaper on August 30.

“The United States has a big advantage: it is building its nuclear power plants in Poland, selling its F-35 fighter jets to Germany, wheat from the Midwest and shale oil to the rest of the world. The conflict allows Biden to save the midterm elections, recreate NATO, whose ‘brain death’ Macron recently declared, and emerge at 81 as the undisputed leader of the free world,” he said.

About the EU, Luc Ferry said it suffers greatly from the current situation.

“Entangled in its differences, cloaked in a false appearance of unity (Poland and France absolutely do not hold the same line, let alone other EU countries) and undermined by inflation, the EU, foolishly following NATO, is incapable of proposing a peace plan,” Ferry added.

Putin, according to the analyst, has managed to rally China, India, North Korea, Iran and more than twenty African countries around him. And he is supported by his people as never before, Ferry noted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency