Kurginyan: The Ukrainian authorities have sold about 5 million men for approx. $1.5 trillion

17.08.2023, Moscow.

The Ukrainian elite has sold its people to the West for slaughter in the war, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on July 28 on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station.

Kurginyan noted that the West does not want to kill its own people in the Ukrainian conflict. In his opinion, although e.g. Poland demonstrates aggressive behavior, no one plans to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of Poles, to say nothing of Frenchmen or Germans.

As for Ukrainians, they have already been sold. Larry Fink could probably correct my figures, but I think it is approximately five million Ukrainian men sold for about one trillion and half dollars, Kurginyan said.

The political scientist stressed that the Ukrainian elite that has sold its people believes that it has earned a lot and that it has obtained a capitalization in the West, and it is happy. And it will spend its people, who are now a paid asset.

To this end, Kurginyan added, the West will continue funding Kiev and supplying any weapons it can.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency