Ukrainian POW reports that Ukrainian fighters learn about counteroffensive through TikTok

07.08.2023, Donetsk.

Ukrainian military command centers do not inform their soldiers about the start of the counteroffensive. All information is distributed through messages on television or TikTok, Ukrainian POW Yaroslav Mironyuk said to RIA Novosti on August 7.

“Commanders don’t tell us anything. Someone says that it has already begun, and someone says that it has not,” he described the situation on the Ukrainian front.

When asked about the goals of the counteroffensive, Mironyuk said with laughter that he could not know anything about it. Due to it, Ukrainian soldiers have to operate in complete uncertainty.

Mironyuk said that he and his unit were deployed to the village of Staromayorskoye with the order to defend the positions. They expected to be picked up and rotated in three days, but this did not happen, and they had enough provision for only a day. Then there was no water left. After shelling from the Russian side, the Ukrainian soldiers decided to surrender.

“Since they said that they were supposed to come back and take us, they should have done it and not just leave us alone, that’s it,” said Mironyuk with resentment in regards to his commanders.

Intense fighting began in Staromayorskoye area after the Ukrainian army launched a counteroffensive in June. The Ukrainian forces have been trying unsuccessfully for two months to break through the Russian defense line and reach the coast of the Sea of Azov. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, as of August 4, Russian troops are advancing near Staromayorskoye and have improved their tactical position there.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency