Polish Foreign Ministry accuses Germany of trying to change power in Poland

07.08.2023, Warsaw.

Germany is trying to change power in Poland through blocking strategic investments, Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jabloński wrote on the social network X (former Twitter) on August 7.

“We have more and more signals that in the coming weeks, there will be attempts to block Poland’s strategic investments,” the diplomat said.

He emphasized that this is being done to change the power in the country. The aim is for the new government to refuse investments. Then Poland’s economy will return to being just a subcontractor for the industry of Germany and other EU countries.

Jabloński said that environmental protection is being used as a pretext. But the real goal is to protect German companies from competition from Poland.

Poland continues to demand large-scale reparations from Germany for the damage caused during World War II.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency