Kurginyan: Prigozhin ruined the parallel structure by losing control

29.07.2023, Moscow.

Businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin had put an end to the Wagner PMC as a parallel structure having lost control over it, said philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on July 14 in the program Conversation a Sage on Zvezda radio station.

Wagner PMC existed as a parallel structure to the Russian armed forces. It was set up according to its own rules; it had separate financing; it was not bureaucratized, more mobile and capable of completing its tasks.

However, it is not entirely clear who actually was in charge of this structure, especially during the period preceding the mutiny.

Prigozhin created a very loose system, just think of these convicts, right? They are controlled with the special directives and with help of something else? Who said he was the only one in charge?”– the political scientist is asking.

The backbone of Wagner PMC are former GRU special forces from the Russian defense ministry, and “there is no such thing as former GRU officers,” recalled Kurginyan

“Under whose thoughtful guidance were they working in Africa and in Syria? So, another parallel structure is being set up within already existing parallel structure, you see?” explained the expert.

Therefore, due to certain poor and ineffective actions, due to the mutiny, Putin was forced to choose between the existing system and the PMC, which has lost its internal command and control, putting an end to its existence as such.

“Prigozhin was the one who destroyed it. Moreover, since he created a remarkably loose organizational structure, he lost control over it. Who was advising him, his spouse or some third party – it has to be sorted out separately. What was going on behind the scenes? He was not already in control of it, it was clear from his facial expression that it was not him. And who is Prigozhin, anyway? A moneybag. There are some serious people involved besides him,” said Kurginyan.

During the meeting with Wagner commanders and Prigozhin, Putin had offered them to serve under their immediate commander, Andrey Troshev with code name Gray-head. Troshev is twice a holder of the Order of the Red Star for his service in Afghanistan and he was awarded the Hero of Russia medal for the assault on Palmyra in Syria.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency